Checking if iOS dsyms were uploaded successfully

I’m using the Fastlane Sentry plugin to upload dsyms. I see that I uploaded 66 missing dsym files in the logs and at the end I see this:

[18:58:44]: > No new debug symbols to associate.
[18:58:44]: Successfully uploaded dSYMs!

But I have an existing crash from an older build and I still can’t see the symbolicated version of the crash, even though I see that the build number for the build with the crash is included among the dsym files that were uploaded. Also, how can I check if iOS dsyms for a particular build were uploaded successfully to Sentry? I looked under the Releases section and don’t see any Artifacts under our iOS app’s release, despite the apparent successful upload in the logs. Would they be shown somewhere else? Or could the dsym files not be associated with the right build?

For reasons I don’t understand debug symbols are not part of a release, but part of the project.
See the section Debug Information Files in your Project Settings.

Thanks! I see them there, so they’re definitely being uploaded correctly.