"Unable to Fetch Commits" GitHub returned a 404 Not Found error


Hello All!

I am trying to use sentry-cli from travis-ci to create releases, set commits and deploy.

I got this setup working great for our master branch, using:

sentry-cli releases set-commits "$VERSION" --auto

However, auto associates the wrong commits when I build our production branch, so I’m trying to do:

sentry-cli releases set-commits "$VERSION" --commit "<github org>/<github repo>@deadbeef"

For “/”, I’m using the repo name I see when I do:

sentry-cli repos list

When running the set-commits command, I get output that looks promising:

$ sentry-cli releases set-commits "$VERSION" --commit "<github org>/<github repo>@$TRAVIS_COMMIT"
| Repository                    | Revision     |
| <github org>/<github repo> | bf46cae94881 |

But eventually I get an email from sentry telling me that it was “Unable to Fetch Commits because GitHub returned a 404 Not Found error”.

Why would it work with --auto but not manually specifying? When specifying the commit, should I not be using the “/” format that I see when doing a sentry-cli repos list?

I read the support article and looked for (and executed) any relevant steps:

But still having the same issues.

Any ideas?