"Unable to Fetch Commits" GitHub returned a 404 Not Found error

Hello All!

I am trying to use sentry-cli from travis-ci to create releases, set commits and deploy.

I got this setup working great for our master branch, using:

sentry-cli releases set-commits "$VERSION" --auto

However, auto associates the wrong commits when I build our production branch, so I’m trying to do:

sentry-cli releases set-commits "$VERSION" --commit "<github org>/<github repo>@deadbeef"

For “/”, I’m using the repo name I see when I do:

sentry-cli repos list

When running the set-commits command, I get output that looks promising:

$ sentry-cli releases set-commits "$VERSION" --commit "<github org>/<github repo>@$TRAVIS_COMMIT"
| Repository                    | Revision     |
| <github org>/<github repo> | bf46cae94881 |

But eventually I get an email from sentry telling me that it was “Unable to Fetch Commits because GitHub returned a 404 Not Found error”.

Why would it work with --auto but not manually specifying? When specifying the commit, should I not be using the “/” format that I see when doing a sentry-cli repos list?

I read the support article and looked for (and executed) any relevant steps:

But still having the same issues.

Any ideas?



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This is the email I got from support regarding this issue.

It didn’t help me but maybe it will help someone else.

This is usually related to GitHub identities in Sentry not being synced up with whoever is making the release. You’ll be able to check your identity here: Sign In | Sentry.

If you need to add or reconnect your identity, you can do so here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Additionally, if you have already connected your identity and you’re seeing this message, you may need to disconnect/reconnect your identity using the links above.

Kindly note that all members will need to do this if they are creating releases.