Capture log level and above

Hi, I have two apps in Django and Angular.
I want to set log level in JS Sentry just like it is in python but I can’t find similar solution to LoggingIntegration.

This is what I figure out:

      dsn: 'xxxxxx',
      environment: 'devel',
      maxBreadcrumbs: 20
      integrations: [
        new ExtraErrorData(), // adding not-native element of error object
        new CaptureConsole({ // captures all Console API calls
          levels: [ 'error' ]
      beforeBreadcrumb(breadcrumb: Sentry.Breadcrumb, hint: Sentry.BreadcrumbHint) { 
        return breadcrumb.level === Sentry.Severity.fromString('warning')
          ? breadcrumb : null;
      beforeSend(event: Sentry.Event, hint: Sentry.EventHint) { 
        return event.level === Sentry.Severity.fromString('error') ? event : null;

This solution only send error level event and warning level for breadcrumb but how to send above levels to sentry?