Capturing C# FormFiles in Sentry

I have a C# app exposing a restful endpoint, which takes FormFiles as input. I’m hoping to capture these FormFiles whenever an exception is thrown, so I’ve configured the ASP.NET Core integration:

Host.CreateDefaultBuilder(args.ConfigureWebHostDefaults(webBuilder =>
    webBuilder.UseSentry(options =>
        options.MaxRequestBodySize = RequestSize.Small;
        options.Debug = true;

When an exception is thrown, I see that Sentry is ignoring my request because it’s too large:

Ignoring request with Size 116028 and configuration RequestSize Small

Ok, that makes sense. So I change the configuration to always capture the request:

options.MaxRequestBodySize = RequestSize.Always;

Sentry doesn’t write any warnings to my logs. But I also can’t find the request logged anywhere in Sentry. Is the request hiding somewhere in Sentry that I’m not seeing? Or does Sentry not successfully capture FormFiles?

I’m using the latest version of the Sentry SDK:

<PackageReference Include="Sentry.AspNetCore" Version="3.10.0" />

Hi, does it work with smaller events, for example SentrySdk.CaptureMessage("Hello World"); ?
Additionally, does settings the option DiagnosticLevel = SentryLevel.Debug reveals the event or envelope id sent to Sentry?

In all cases, the event is logged in sentry. But I am unable to find the request (form files) anywhere in the logged event.

Yes, sentry is logging id information:

info: Sentry.ISentryClient[0]
Capturing event.
info: Sentry.ISentryClient[0]
Envelope 'deca2a467956482d98d49d91c15b654d' successfully received by Sentry.

This is already the default level.
Just setting Debug=true is enough