Clean up old events

Hi! I have local instaled Sentry 9.1.2. I faced with problem how clean up old events?
I tried use

/var/www/sentry/bin/python /var/www/sentry/bin/sentry cleanup --days 60 --project project

but this process working 3 days now and not finished! Maybe I have any variants how delete events per project? And may exist approach for check how many weight every project?
The processes in status sleep always.

0 Sleep sentry   14601 21303  0  80   0 - 52437 x64_sy 00:44 pts/2    00:00:04 /var/www/sentry/bin/python /var/www/sentry/bin/sentry cleanup --days 60 --project project
1 Sleep sentry   14603 14601  0  80   0 -  9407 -      00:44 pts/2    00:00:00 /var/www/sentry/bin/python /var/www/sentry/bin/sentry cleanup --days 60 --project project

In earlier versions of Sentry, we keep infinite event history by default. I recommend upgrading which brings this down to 90 days by default.

OK, Nice. But could I change “90 days by default” in newest version?

Yes you can but extending it beyond 90 days is not recommended.

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