How to prevent events from being deleted?

I want to keep my events longer than two months. I have set SENTRY_RAW_EVENT_MAX_AGE_DAYS variable to 180 but events are still being deleted after a month. Is there something else I can and should do to achieve it?

By default Sentry keeps everything but I heard that some UI assumes a 90-day retention rate which is different from your reported 1-month retention rate. Can you share more details about your setup?

Apart from changing SENTRY_RAW_EVENT_MAX_AGE_DAYS , everything else pretty much the defaults. A few other things I changed are I assume unrelated such as disallowing registration and enabling multiple organizations.

Any specific details I can dig out to make this easier to troubleshoot?

There’s also SENTRY_OPTIONS["system.event-retention-days"] which you can check via sentry config get system.event-retention-days. You may check the logs of the cron worker (celerybeat) to see if it runs any clean ups etc.