Automatic deletion of issues?


Is there a way to automatically remove issues that are x days old?


Have a job like this…


Kind of hard to have if you are running cloud hosting :stuck_out_tongue:


@Mackelito Is your motivation for this to delete sensitive information or to clean up the issues list visually? There’s an auto-resolve setting for the latter. And we generally don’t store events older than 90 days if you’re concerned about privacy.


Clean up due to GDPR and our own customer agreements.


You can delete individual issues if you need to, but you cannot configure the global retention. Events are automatically deleted after 90 days. I would recommend sending anonymized PII if this is a concern (e.g. send the user’s ID instead of their email address).


I see… is that something that you perhaps would be willing to add as a feature?
It would greatly simplify things for us if there where a global way to resolve this…

Perhaps some configuration allowing for custom fields to be cleared after x time?


Of course we can just do a search for the email adress and remove issues… but it’s a manual work not something I trust to be handled at all times :wink:


It might be something we offer in the future, but we don’t offer it today as the complexity is extremely high and the use cases for it generally can be worked around.

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So just a recap…

  • Events are purged after 90 days
  • Issues stick around

Right? :slight_smile:


Issues stick around generally speaking until no events remain related to the issue.

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