Configure environment variables docker

Hello, I’m new in sentry/docker. I just to install and configure Sentry with Docker following documentation. Everything seems to go OK except email configuration.

I try to configure editing “” and set “SENTRY_SERVER_EMAIL” to my custom email address instead “root@localhost”.
After changes, I do “make build” and run again the container but changes don’t apply. Seems like Sentry doesn’t use “”. I also edited “SENTRY_SECRET_KEY” in that file but always I have to pass as argument to “docker run … web” to be able to run the container.

Any help would be apreciated.


I solved. I just edit mail.from in “config.yml”, build again the image and run again services. It worked.

But I have doubts about “” I missunderstood something. In the file say:

For Docker, the following environment variables are supported:

But changing there is no effect. Any advice about it will be appreciated.


You do need to delete the container and recreate it with the updated container images you built with the config file. Did you follow these instructions: