Update smtp settings after starting the docker for sentry?

I installed Sentry using docker and added SMTP settings, but those don’t work. So I went into sentry/config.yml and updated those. But because the containers are already up, docker won’t pick the changes from the yml file. Do I have run ./install.sh again? Would that wipe out anything I have done so far?

See the note at the end of this section please: https://develop.sentry.dev/self-hosted/#configuration

hi @BYK I have tried all the options (created a config.yml from example), change the config.yml after deployment (and then restart based on your note) and I always end up with this error

!! Configuration error: ConfigurationError(‘Malformed config.yml file: did not find expected \n in “/etc/sentry/config.yml”, line 11, column 1’,)

Line 11 is mail.host: 'smtp.office365.com

I mean the error message is pretty clear: your YAML file is invalid. You can use a service like https://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/ to make sure it is correct.

I tried that few days when I encountered this error the first time (I think I found the link somewhere on the forum itself). The issue is with system.secret_key when I test the config. install.sh generates config.yml under sentry directory so not sure what I can do there.