Core vitals never sends more than FCP

So we set up the tracing on our app, (wordpress with a vue section), specifically to get the core web vital monitoring. However, we almost always only get the FCP metric.

I spent some time in the source for sentry-javascript, and I now understand that the metrics are always piggybacked on the pageload event, so that means you can only get FID if the user clicks or types within the time window of pageload (1 second by default). Similarly, the CLS only gets logged if the user hides the tab within the first second.

In reality, I cannot see how any realistic scenario would result in actually collecting this information.

We can somewhat work around this by significantly increasing the idletimeout for transactions (from 1 second to 60, for instance), but as this is not specifically mentioned in the docs, I have my doubts whether this is the intended usage.

Am I overlooking something silly? Is there another way I can send a bunch of metrics a couple of seconds after the page has loaded?