Country not being tracked?

Out of curiosity (not really that important to us) - when I go to the Dashboard, I see that the Errors by Country section doesn’t really show a heatmap. All countries are grey. Is there a configuration that I may have missed?

When I look at our issues, I do see that the X-Forwarded-For does contain the correct IP address. Any ideas on how to make it work?

We are currently on Sentry 080f4cbf

He @gregorip - This is because for geoip resolution, Sentry needs the Maxmind GeoIP database. Both due to some technical implementation needs and licensing restrictions we cannot ship this by default so you’ll need to add that (as a volume + config). You can track for future updates on this.

There’s also some people who has done this and documented a bit on the forum: How to set GEOIP_PATH_MMDB?

@BYK which Maxmind GeoIP database exactly does Sentry need? Is the often mentioned GeoLite2-City.mmdb even compatible?

Yes, that’s the one.

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