Relay could not load the Geoip Db

I’m trying to get a fresh install of Sentry running on Ubuntu 20.04.

I’m getting an error about relay not connecting to the Geoip Db. I don’t want this service set up (and since I’m not connected to a MaxMind account the geoipupdate container crashes immediately), but relay is giving me errors and restarting every minute.

relay_1                                     | 2021-04-16T18:30:11Z [relay_log::utils] ERROR: configuration error
relay_1                                     |   caused by: could not load the Geoip Db
relay_1                                     |   caused by: IoError: entity not found

How do I get the relay working without the Geoip database?

Bump. Is anyone familiar with what’s going on here? This is blocking our Sentry adoption.