Create-React-App TypeScript source map configuration fail

Hi all,

It’s been 5 days of work, multiple post on stackoverflow and community help, I am close to give up so I will throw a bottle in the ocean.

I had many many tries and I am about to think sentry will not work for any typescript projects as I never found a working tutorial and configuration.

Documentation is too broad to understand clearly how in a proper setting does a source is exposed. Hosting Publicly for Ember | Sentry Documentation

I went through all the troubleshooting section more than once.

We have a create-react-app web project hosted here GitHub - pass-culture/pass-culture-app-native: Mobile and web application for pass Culture

We have been trying to generate and upload source maps with the sentry plugin, but the result on the sentry UI is this

However, source map will never get displayed in Sentry UI:

When I validate the source map, it says it is all OK.

However, I don’t get how sentry should get the source map and from where. It is not in the artifact, it seems that the validator shows that it should get them publicly while we do not expose them.

I haven’t seen a working configuration for create react app and typescript and I feel this should be in the documentation.

- Project: (multiple tries, this is not a one configuration, I have tried them all)
- Working PR :
- Source map validation :

How can I ensure sentry to read the source map correctly ?

Most importantly, on a working setup, from where does the source map are exposed ? Could it be a proxy issue ?