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Hello all,

We use sentry on premise installation v20.10.1. ( https://github.com/getsentry/onpremise).
Im trying to to restore dump we made several days ago from existing v20.10.1 to freshly installed v20.10.1 (without any data inside) but after restoring there is no events in newly installed Sentry instance. All data are restored correctly and displaying except events.

steps i did
1)created db dump from existing v20.10.1
pg_dump --no-owner -U dbuser dbname > dump_data
pg_dumpall -U dbuser -l dbname --globals-only > dump_globals

2)restored dump into freshly deployed v20.10.1
psql -U dbuser -d dbname < dump_globals
psql -U dbuser -d dbname < dump_data

3)after login into dashboard there all data inside except events.

any clues or suggestions how to properly troubleshoot this?


Finally we have official recommendations around how to backup/restore Sentry: feat(self-hosted): Add docs around backup/restore by BYK · Pull Request #258 · getsentry/develop · GitHub

And here are the new docs in action!

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