Error when restore Sentry configuration


I have setup new docker instance Sentry and follow this guide to restore data from backup json file.

Please let me know if I missed anything or what should I do to fix this error? Thanks.


I was able to workaround a similar issue by connecting to the Postgres container and truncating every table except the migrations table.

I used TablePlus and forwarded 5432 to the Postgres container. There was probably a more straghtforward way with docker-compose exec, but this got me what I needed.


Can you share which version of Sentry are you using?

hi BYK,

Iā€™m using Sentry version 9.1.1

@troy.vo - unfortunately this version of Sentry has some known (and fixed!) issue with the backup/restore functionality. So looks like your best bet is following @adrumā€™s advice above.

so, which Sentry version that we could use this backup/restore function?


I recommend using the latest version. The fixes were out in 21.03 I think but if you can upgrade to that, you can upgrade to the latest (21.04 or 21.05 which should be released today)

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