Does a successful DB restore show restored project events in GUI?


I would like to know if a db restore will restore the events of the project as well ? doesnt seem to work in my prod setup

For example,

DB-RESTORE-1 has 100 events
DB-RESTORE-lastest is the current image which has 10 events.

When i restore DB-RESTORE-1 image successfully, i still see only 10 events instead of 100 events in a project on the Sentry GUI which i am expecting, Is my understanding of db restore correct ? or this feature isnt available ?


If you mean a literal backup and restore, then it likely does. If you mean our import/export commands or some other mechanism, then the answer is “probably not”.

Yes, its a successful db restore, i can confirm the tables updated, there is a size change but i am unable to see any events. Could you suggest what needs to be checked?

Hi zeeg,

Could you share an update?

It’s likely that you’re missing data from another service (like Redis). Otherwise if you’re fully exporting and importing the DB as a binary copy, thus not changing foreign keys, and everything else is the same, it would work fine.