Debug Files not accepted

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to integrate the upload of Debug Symbols in *.pdb format to our build pipeline for Unreal Engine 4.
I used the Sentry CLI and checked the debug file with:

difutil check


Debug Info File Check
  Type: pdb debug companion
  Contained debug information:
    > symtab, debug
  Usable: yes

But when I try to upload the same file with:


the result is:

> Found 0 debug information files
> No debug information files found
> Server does not support reprocessing.

I’m sure I am missing something pretty basic here, but any help would be appreciated.


I had this same issue. In my case it was because I’d made a typo in the organisation name passed with -o
Try running the upload-dif command with --log-level debug to see where it’s failing.

Hi Tom,
thanks for the help and hint with the debug. I was able to verify via debug that the organisation & project data was correct and that Sentry really couldn’t find the files. After some dabbling around I was able to get it to work - in the end I had removed “\” at the end of my path and everything worked like a charm. Feel a bit stupid now - but live and learn :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your hint which helped to push me in the right direction.