Problem with uploading PDB files


When I run the command “sentry-cli upload-dif -o MY_ORG -p MY_PROJ PATH_TO_FILES” (as per the documentation for uploading debug files), Sentry does not find any debug files in the location specified, despite there very clearly being PDB files in that location.

We are using, I’m not sure what other information you would need to help with this better.


Which version of sentry-cli are you using? Support for PDB was added this year from what I can remember.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m using 1.48.0

So in principle PDBs should work. Is it possibly a portable PDB or something like that? Would you be able to provide the file, or just the first few bytes of it? Just to check the magic bytes at the beginning.

Another thing that’d be interesting is the output of running the CLI with --log-level debug.

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Likely they are built with fastlink enabled

either build with /debug:FULL or convert them using mspdbcmf.exe

mspdbcmf.exe /CHECK <pdbfile.pdb> will tell you whether they are built with fastlink or not.

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We are able to get PDB files uploaded now. However, the PDB stack traces do not show source code paths and instead just say with a “Found by stack scanning” tooltip.

Could you help with this issue?


Try to upload your exe and dll files as well.

They are already being uploaded.