Delete/Remove/Resolve single event(s) of an issue?

Hi there,

I was looking a long time to be able to delete, remove or better resolve particular events of an issue. I asked a colleague and he said it’s possible. So I went into one specific issue, looked up all events, filtered it by the environment “development”, resolved this filtered issue/events … but, the overall issue got resolved. All events in it, doesn’t matter which environment, got resolved - but I only wanted to resolve the events connected to our environment “development”.

Why do I need it … or … Why do I think that I gonna need this? :thinking:

In some situations there might be a testing event or wrong event in it that we want to delete. It also could be that we want to resolve events that are grouped into particular environments, browsers or OS but they are grouped overall.

Maybe it’s possible to “ungroup” events and then group them how we want/need it, and then resolve it?

What also could be is that I missed the global idea of issue/event-grouping and I want to use it wrong. :sweat_smile: IOW: My wish to resolve only specific event(s) could be misplaced.

And this is fine :slight_smile: Some other ideas/thoughts and help are appreciated!

In your opinion, would there be any situation where this could be (really) necessary?
Are there other ways to go to achieve these goals?

Thanks a lot!


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I’m not opposed to us providing this in the API, its just something that hadn’t come up in the past so we never built it.

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This is something I was looking for also. Our use case is we would like to delete events older than 30 days via the API or alternatively be able to customize the data retention for our account

We intend to offer flexible retention in the future but deletions are extremely expensive historically for us which is why we don’t expose any additional APIs around them today. Retention policies allow us to optimize this otherwise unscalable problem.

Makes sense. Thanks!

Hi, is this something that can be done? I need to do it in the case that a user asks that any information we have stored for them is deleted.

EDIT: Created a new post Exporting/Deleting User Data