Disable Exception Logging in React-Native SDK

Hi folks,
My company is standing up a new React-Native project and needs crash analytics, We have our own exception logging backend that we want to reuse.
With Sentry React-Native SDK, it will automatically log JS exception into Sentry.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there way I can turn off the JS exception logging from Sentry RN SDK? (to save quota)
  2. Since my primary target is crashes, is it better to just use Sentry-Cocoa and Sentry-Android
  3. Is there anything I lose if I do the switch from RN SDK to Sentry-Cocoa + Sentry-Android?

An unhandled exception in JS can also crash the app so you shouldn’t rely only on the native SDKs.
So while staying with the React Native SDK, you can drop events in the JS-layer by adding a beforeSend hook and returning null from it when events are ‘handled’. Meaning, that’s an error where you called try/catch and Sentry.captureException.
You can rely on level=fatal to make it simple:

Something like:

Sentry.init((o) => s.beforeSend = (evt) => return evt.level === "fatal" : evt : null));

Thanks Garcia. Works for me!