Exceptions only reported if you re-launch app -- is this normal? (React Native)

For React Native:

I’m seeing the following behavior. Both native exceptions and RavenJS (pure JavaScript exceptions) are only reported to Sentry when the user re-launches the app. If they don’t re-launch, it doesn’t seem to log the errors.

Makes sense for a native crash because I imagine Sentry can only report it after it crashed the app.

But for pure JavaScript exceptions I would expect them to be reported immediately.

Is this expected behavior?

My basic setup:


Sentry.config("my link here", {
  deactivateStacktraceMerging: true,
  logLevel: SentryLog.Debug,
  disableNativeIntegration: false,
  handlePromiseRejection: !__DEV__

and I use Sentry.captureException to log caught exceptions.

(I also use CodePush, if that’s relevant.)

Yes, this is currently expected.
Reason being is, we currently do not pass the information if it’s an uncaught exception in JS that would crash your app or not.
That’s why we store it and send it either on next app start or next successful send (with captureMessage).

We will soon release a new version of the SDK, you can try it out here it work differently there: https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-react-native/issues/612
(It will send it immediately)

Thank you, that clears things up!