React vs React-Native

I have react-native application.
As I see, I can use both react and react-native SDK.
What can be the pros and cons of using one versus another?

P.S. I just wanna handle errors manually in catch(err) block + send custom messages, so both functionalities are ok for me. I don’t need native side

What may be other points I have to take into consideration choosing between these two SDKs?

You’ll need the mobile coupling as React and React-Native don’t function the same. One runs in the Browser, the other is running natively on a mobile device. It’s possible the React SDK will work somewhat, but you’re going to miss a lot of important information by not wiring into core crash handlers.

@zeeg yep, core crashes is important. But I have Instabug installed :slight_smile:
Sentry is helping me to captureMessage(…) and handle errors manually.
For example, when I have errors in async fucntion, Instabug will not handle it and don’t have functionality for me to send it manually like captureMessage / captureException.

Because we don’t have a browser in react-native may it cause issues? I’ve already added both SDK to the app and trying to compare them, but still didn’t find the difference :slight_smile:

May I find somewhere articles how both SDKs are orginized underneath?

Ultimately Sentry isn’t targeted as a logging platform, so the idea of using multiple crash reporters isn’t one of our goals. You’ll find that Sentry within React Native is a first class citizen and handles the whole stack (cross language and all). Outside of that - if you don’t want to use Sentry for the actual crash handling - you’re likely going to have to just try it and see how well it works.

@zeeg but it will not handle errors appeared in async function without me, manually, “captureException”, right? :slight_smile:
I don’t use it for logging, but for capturing async errors with adding more valuable info.

For clarity I mean we don’t intend to support the case where you’re trying to send some versions of crashes (or errors) to one service, and some to Sentry. Is there a reason you don’t just use (Instabug or Sentry) for all error reporting on your mobile app?

Maybe I will, but right now I’m playing and trying to compare :slight_smile:

Could you please update how can I measure the difference between React and React-Native SDK? :slight_smile:

All I can say is that the React integration isn’t built for mobile. I’m not sure anyone knows precisely what will and won’t work correctly. It’d be like using the Browser JS integration in Node - we make assumptions about various things that may not be true in other runtimes.

@zeeg got you, thank you :slight_smile: