Discarded invalid value for parameter 'tags'


I was debug stepping through SharpRaven to figure out why this (subject) happens but i can’t. I captured the packet that this line creates:
var packet = this.jsonPacketFactory.Create(CurrentDsn.ProjectID, @event);

the relevant info is:
“tags”: {
“companyId”: “somecompany”,
“login”: “somecompany:dj”,
“release”: “3.13”,
“environment”: “development”

But when i go to the Sentry entry and look at the json it complains about it’s different:
“name”: “tags”,
“value”: [

It has put the tags into an array, and it discarded everything but the release tag. What gives?

I’m on latest release, SharpRaven 2.2.0

This is because ‘release’ is a reserved tag value in our system. In SharpRaven you should be able to set releases using ravenClient.Release.

Ex: ravenClient.Release = "3.13"