Unlabeled Events with Edge 18


Recently installed Sentry, using JS Browser SDK version 3.2.4. I am getting a bunch (500 over 5 days) of that are all coming from Edge 18 Windows 10.

There was 1 error encountered while processing this event: Discarded invalid value for parameter ‘exception’

Has anyone else run into this?

Wondering if this Is this something specific with my website that is causing issues or if this is a more general issue with Edge 18 and Sentry? If it is my site specific, any idea how I get more detailed error message?

Discarded invalid value for parameter ‘exception’
Name: exception
Value: {
mechanism: {
data: {
mode: onerror
handled: False,
type: onerror
values: [
stacktrace: {
frames: [
colno: [undefined],
filename: https://www.fitnessblender.com/,
function: ?,
in_app: True,
lineno: [undefined]
type: [undefined],
value: [undefined]