Discarded invalid value for parameter timestamp?

“Discarded invalid value for parameter ‘timestamp’”, these error messages appear on many issues’ detail page. We are now using on-premise installation, version 8.16.

We had these error messages for ages, as far as I can remember, they appeared when we migrated to Sentry 8.0. We upgraded server and client versions all the way from 8.0 to 8.16 in the meantime, and it’s still there.

That looks like an invalid timestamp format, which is why we can’t parse it, thus rejecting it. We expect ISO 8601.

Thanks for your reply.

Events are collected using Python client (raven 5.26.0), we didn’t configured anything related to time format. The time format looks like what we can get from str(datetime.datetime.utcnow()).

Is this related to raven itself? Maybe this line?

data.setdefault('timestamp', date or datetime.utcnow())

It’s a timezone issue, not a formatting issue (we accept that version of ISO timestamps). Likely your timestamp is in the future too far, and we’re discarding it beacuse of that.

After digging into sentry and raven code, it’s our fault. We override json.dumps() globally in our code to translate datetime.datetime into its string format for easy serialization. This also affected how raven will serialize data.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your time. This can be marked as solved.