Do not getting all events

I’m running some load tests by launching a simple python script that sends one thousand error inside a for loop:

for i in range(1000):
send(‘error message’)

When the message is the same I get only 30 message on sentry but when the message changes in each iteration then I get all the messages.
My question is: Does sentry reject messages that are close in timestampe when the content is the same ? How can get in this case all the messages ?

Thanks in advance

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With a tight loop like that, you’d definitely be getting rate limited and hitting quotas from trying to send too quickly.

So how can bypass this quotas ? how do you explain that if i send 500 or 1000 thousand different message with the same loop it does work ?

@badr is this if you’re looking to avoid rate limits there, you can reach out to sales@ and we can give you quotes on our upcoming volume pricing.

If this is self-hosted, its kind of up to your own infrastructure. Either way, you shouldn’t really be sending a ton of exceptions from the same process in a tight loop. That’s at least not a real world scenario except in the most extreme cases, and in those cases you almost certainly wouldn’t care about some form of data loss. It’s also important to note that we’re not a substitute for logging:

Hi and thank your answer.
Well I’m using the opensource version so I guess that there is no limits for it.
Can you please clarify just one point for me: it this issue is related to rate limits why when i send different messages whithin the same loop I get them all ?

for i in range(1000):
send (message +i)

Only if your server receives them. Sentry isn’t a strong consistency system, so if for any reason the message is rejected we dont retry.

I have this problem too, is sentry designed to handle error in lots of different groups with little events in every group , instead of less groups with much events in some groups ?