Some very newbie questions about Sentry

I am a hobbyist and very new to Sentry and to error handling services in general.
Since I am finishing my first ruby on rails application which integrates Sidekiq for background jobs, I was ‘redirected’ to Sentry from Sidekiq GitHub page looking for ways to monitor eventual exceptions.

Considering my actual needs, I am interested in the free plan.
Hoping I am in the right place, I have some questions about it and error handling by Sentry in general,which I could not find answers about in the documentation.

The free plan offers 10,000 events per month of free capacity with a default rate limit of 500 events/minute.
To me, 10,000 events look so huge! In what circumstances can this size be reached?
I apologize for this naive question, but at present I have no idea about how many exceptions can be raised by a single application, and no idea about what kind of user profile can spend this amount of capacity.

Will notifications be sent to the email address I sign up with or to a address?

In the Sidekiq documentation it is written that smarter error handling services “will send email on the 1st, 3rd and 10th identical error so your inbox won’t be overwhelmed if 1000s of jobs are failing”. How will Sentry do behave in particular circumstances like these?

The plan for Hobbyists is for only one user: what do you mean with ‘user’?
I read the little documentation on membership and could not find the definition of user in Sentry’s context, however I found in the ‘pricing’ documentation that the free tier offers 1 team member. So is a ‘user’ meant to be a synonym of ‘member’?

What is the default setting of a new account? Will I have to manually set monthly limits to avoid my account be automatically switched to a paid account or the 10,000 limit will be honoured in case events exceed this quota (which means that further event will be ignored)?

Is a credit or debit card needed to sign up for a free account?

hey there!
high amounts of events usually correlate to high amounts of traffic. some people using sentry use millions of events each month because their applications get many millions of pageviews and requests.

notifications will be send to the email you sign up with, but you can change this in your settings. :wink: if you want a email address, you need to work for sentry (we’re hiring).

sentry by default sends emails the first time you see a new unique error, but in project settings you can set more complicated rules.

‘user’ means a username and password who can sign in, view and manage errors. if you want to share a project with a bunch of people. user and member are equivalent yes

a new account doesn’t need any payment and will by default accept all events during a month untill 10,000 have been accepted, then no more until the next month (events beyond 10,000 won’t be processed)

Hope sentry is helpful in managing your rails app!

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Quick question regarding this. Is it 5000k errors per month per account or per project?

Thank you!! :slight_smile: