Documentation Overhaul

We have some ongoing improvements around our documentation.

Some of the initial changes we’ve made:

  • There’s no more split between On-Premise and Hosted (though right now its still at /hosted/).
  • A new improved section to configuration of the Sentry service exists (under On-Premise).
  • Web API reference has been improved.
  • SDK development has been improved and is now contained in its own section.
  • A new integrations section exists, which we’ll slowly be filling in. If you have a third party integration that’s not a native plugin feel free to submit a pull request.
  • We’ve greatly improved SDK-specific structure making it easier to discover integrations.
  • Various visual tweaks- updated colors to more appropriately mirror, new sidebar design, no more large width displays.

Let us know if you have any feedback, as this is an important part of Sentry and often receives less love than it should.