Links to GitHub docs, and a question for your docs team

Thanks for the useful service. I love how the exception reporting gets sent to my email right away, and the diagnostics information is super detailed and informative.

I have a suggestion. While reading some of your JavaScript docs, I noticed a couple minor grammatical errors. I was going to put in the fixes myself, but couldn’t find any GitHub links to the docs source. Maybe your docs aren’t open-source hence why there’s no links. But if they are, consider adding an “edit on GitHub” button on each doc.

Second, I’ve got some questions for your docs team, and am wondering if they’d be willing to talk shop with me. I myself am a technical writer. I write the docs for Chrome DevTools and Lighthouse. I noticed that you have a sticky footer at the bottom of each doc that prompts the user for “was this page helpful?” feedback. I also do this in my own docs, and would like to share and compare data. We can continue the discussion at (personal) or (work).

Hey Kayce, really appreciate the kind words. Are you able to share more about how/where you’re using Sentry? We’d love to know more :slight_smile:

Re: your ‘Edit on GitHub’ suggestion, I think that’s a great idea. Our docs are open source and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be as easy as possible to contribute. I’ll pass the word along to the team.

As for the “was this page helpful” data, do you mind emailing me at chris@ with details on how this data would be useful to you?