Dotnet (.NET) SDK not reporting in project inside docker container

I have a project where I am trying to integrate the standard middleware UseSentry(), the application reports issues in running outside of docker. When running inside of a docker container it doesn’t report any issues.

My app is currently running dotnet core 2.2 (Yes I understand, Microsoft no longer supports this, we have the upgrade planned in a couple of weeks) Is there anything special needed for this work? I have had this working in the past. I have tried multiple versions of the SDK, including the latest.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can set the SDK in debug mode:

UseSentry(o => o.Debug = true)

Or the equivalent via appsettings.json if you’re using that. And check the logs like:

docker logs container-id

Thenk You @bruno-garcia. That helped me find the error. If anyone needs help with this be sure you update the ca-certificates package in your docker container. Chances are it’s out of date and causing the issue.

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