DSN is empty (in docker)

When I run Sentry in the docker on the local machine, then everything works. But on a remote server it writes first CSRF varification failed, and then after the page reloads “We were unable to load the required configuration from the Sentry server. Please take a look at the service logs.”

Have you set your system.url-prefix config correctly to reflect your domain and protocol?

Where can i find system.url-prefix ?

3rd item at https://develop.sentry.dev/config/#general

It should also be asked you when you first set up your Sentry instance.

I dont know what it is. I just create sentry container. Then run two commands:

  1. docker-compose run --rm sentry config generate-secret-key
  2. docker-compose run sentry upgrade
    And init sentry sdk object in settings Screenshot from 2020-05-19 23-51-49 . On local machine it works. But now i have problems on remote server.

If you are hosting your own Sentry instance it would be wise to learn how to configure it properly. You can find the config files under the sentry folder in the on-premise repo.

What you need to do is to put the publicly accessible URL for your Sentry instance into this setting and restart all Sentry instances (worker and cron too).

public key and rebuild docker helps me. Thanks!

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