Docker-compose local development and links

Hey everyone, I realize that this may be more of a docker-compose question than a Sentry one, but I’m hoping to configure Sentry in local development.

I have docker-compose configured and am running Sentry successfully. The DSN I am given for a new app looks like http://somethingsalty:somethingsalty@localhost:9000/2.

The issue I’m having is with the service I want to integrate with using the DSN. It’s currently running alongside sentry and defined in docker-compose with a link defined connecting the two.


    - sentry

Unfortunately, if I attempt to create a Sentry client with my DSN no errors seem to get reported. I figured I should swap “localhost:9000” for “sentry” and I also tried “sentry:9000” but neither with success.

Does anyone have any ideas for what ought to work or how to further debug?

Looks like I had a typo (of course). False alarm. Sorry everyone.