What I'm doing wrong and sentry server doesn't work?


I’m trying to setup sentry server on my digital ocean server. These are the steps I’m doing and it’s not working.

  1. Clone this git
  2. Install Compose and Docker using this .sh file
  3. Create a linux user, dbuser, dbpassword and a database
  4. execute mkdir -p data/{sentry,postgres}
  5. run docker-compose run --rm web config generate-secret-key
  6. take the secret key and paste it in docker-compose.yml and uncomment the SENTRY_SECRET_KEY
  7. save and exit the docker-compose.yml file
  8. open, edit and save the sentry.conf.py with my new db details (db, dbuser, dbpassword, port)
  9. run docker-compose run --rm web upgrade
  10. run docker-compose up -d
  11. Check http://my-host-ip:9000 , and nothing happening, page keeps loading and at the end It’s like website doesn’t exist.

Can you help me please?

Is there any video-tutorial who explain how to setup a sentry server? I searched a lot and I didn’t find anything. Even it’s very hard to find a noob-friendly tutorial on a website.