Dsym size difference between version in Sentry and version on iTunes Connect

We were trying to debug a crash in our code and noticed that the dsyms in Sentry and the dsyms we have in iTunes Connect differ in size by 50 bytes. I can’t see the package contents of the dsym I downloaded from Sentry to compare what is actually different between them. We are using the Sentry Fastlane plugin to upload dsyms to Sentry. Here is the relevant code in our Fastfile:

    auth_token: ENV['SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN'],
    org_slug: ENV['SENTRY_ORG'],
    project_slug: ENV['SENTRY_PROJECT']

Is there something missing from our upload code? What could cause the size difference between the dsyms?


Hi Chris,

The upload command processes your dSYMs before uploading them to Sentry. In this case, specifically, it resolves BCSymbolMaps and writes them into the dSYM. This is why you’re seeing a size difference.