On-Premise support for Dsym / Cocoa*

Hi there,

when we try to upload the dsyms, following error message gets logged in sentry:
symsynd is unavailable. Install sentry with the dsym feature flag.

How does one install sentry with the dsym feature flag?

Kind regards

If you are on latest release sentry you need to install with pip install sentry[dsym]. Next release will not require this.

Thanks you mitsuhiko.
I now there is no more error while uploading the dsym (as described in the docs) - but when I
log a crash there are still no stack traces.
Sample JSON:
{"id":"BE8B667CFD194F25975D7492F497A795","project":2,"release":"1.0","platform":"cocoa","culprit":"","message":"<no message value>","datetime":"2016-09-30T21:49:42.000000Z","time_spent":null,"tags":[["level","fatal"],["sentry:release","1.0"],["sentry:user","ip:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX"]],"errors":[{"type":"invalid_data","name":"timestamp","value":"2016-09-30T21:52:50"},{"type":"invalid_attribute","name":"contexts"},{"type":"native_no_symsynd"}],"extra":{},"fingerprint":["{{ default }}"],"received":1475272182.0,"sdk":{"version":"0.4.1","name":"sentry-swift"},"sentry.interfaces.User":{"ip_address":"XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX"},"type":"default","version":"7"}

So the type: native_no_symsynd tells me there is still something wrong.
How do I fix this?

Which version of symsynd and Sentry do you have installed?

Was 8.5 of sentry.
I recently updated to 8.9 and everything is running fine.
Thank you :slight_smile:.