Dump_syms does not work on windows with .pdb files

I downloaded the windows.zip and got the following error:

CoCreateInstance CLSID_DiaSource {E6756135-1E65-4D17-8576-610761398C3C} failed (msdia*.dll unregistered?)

After some fiddling around, I found out, that the delivered dump_syms.exe is a 32 bit program, but the registered COM object is 64 bit. I did not manage to register a 32 bit version of the COM object, trying to do so still registered the 64 bit version.
Plan B was to recompile dump_syms as a 64 bit program. That worked well after hacking the project files, which are lacking a few options for the 64 bit build.

Who can I contact to add the information to the github repository and update the download archive?

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