Duplicated release for each Android, iOS

I found the dup released version.

I use Ionic 4 for iOS and Android and manage their version manually.

This is my initialzation code in app component.

this.appVersion.getVersionNumber().then(versionNumber => {
          dsn: "https://****@sentry.io/*****",
          release: versionNumber,     // 3.0.9 same on both Android/iOS

I figure out each released version looks the same “3.0.0”. But actually, they are different from each other. Android Error has 3.0.9 release version and iOS has com.example-3.0.9(prefixed to some id) release version.

So I uploaded source map again with specified the same version to iOS released version like “com.example.foo-3.0.9”

After upload, I can find source map files on the artifact tab and check the file has no problem. And no duplicated released version has not created. But still cannot find source map on the Error message.

One more interesting thing is that If I throw an error on Android first after update to a certain version, then works well on Android but not works on iOS, If I throw an error on iOS first, works well for iOS but not on Android.


  1. I built production for iOS, Android at once.
  2. Duplicated release is created.
  3. iOS released version is actually different from I expected in Sentry console.
  4. I uploaded source to match to iOS released version.
  5. Still cannot find source map on Sentry console.

Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.