Email notification on http404

I’ve managed to send http404 notifications.

However they are received as “Info” on sentry and not generating an email alert.
I’ve already tried adding a rule to send emails on informational notifications.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The log level shouldn’t impact whether or not notifications are sent, unless you’ve explicitly set up a rule to disallow that level.

There’s not much information here to diagnose what’s actually going on here, but if the individual events are being aggregated into a single issue, the default rule configuration will only send a notification when the first event is seen within the issue. You can change the behavior to send more frequently by choosing a different rule condition, such as using “an event is seen” rather than “an event is first seen”.

If the events are not being aggregated, my guesses would be one of these:

  1. the events are being digested into a bundled notification, rather than being sent as individual notifications,
  2. there is something with your personal alert notifications settings that is preventing you from receiving notifications,
  3. if you’re self-hosting, there is something with your server environment that isn’t causing alerts (and possibly other emails) to be delivered.

Thanks for your response Ted, emails started coming though the next day, i have no idea if it’s something I changed. But they’re working now.

Thanks again!