Finetune event notifications based on event tag


Hey all,

my devs are generating way too many sentry alerts when working on the staging environment, which leads to my email inbox being overloaded with notifications.
I would like to switch off email notifs for staging sentry alerts but keep them for production environment.
The environment is flagged in one or two of the sentry events tags.
Any way I can use tags to fine-tune which email notifs I get?

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You can use the Rules tab within the Project Settings to add additional constraints to limit when notifications are sent, such a rule for when an event’s environment attribute equals production. These rules will be applied for notifications for all users, though — there’s no way to add any per-user filters. There are also some other caveats here: for example, the “first seen” condition applies to all environments — there’s no way send a notification when an event occurs for the first time in a specific environment.

We’re working on making “environment” a first-class concept on many parts of the application, including notifications, so more environment-based control over these notifications will likely be available in the future.

In the meantime, some users decide to split out their application’s production and staging environments into two separate projects, changing the DSN accordingly in their configuration files. This isn’t an ideal situation, but might work for you until there’s better environment support.


Of note we’re actively improving the Alerts functionality, both in terms of the user experience, as well as the capabilities of rules.

We have an initial step forward here:

The goal is to take that, and continue to expand on the rule concepts to build out first class monitors, as well as build out per-env selection as @tkaemming mentioned.


Is there any further update regarding these features? In switching from Honeybadger to Sentry, our QA folks are concerned that they cannot now see, at a glance of their email, if a bug from staging was released to production.

EDITED: Let me further ask what the downsides are to making the different environments different projects?


@tilthouse our goal is to make environments very powerful inside of a single project, but historically a lot of people have used separate projects for this behavior. Right now we’re focused on another piece of the core metadata, but environment is the priority beyond that.


In the future, would it be possible for the rules to be set on a per user filter basis as opposed to all users? That would be a great feature as we are using this environment feature now that it exists.

It would be nice to have rules set for different environments and notifications follow suit. i.e. less notifications for staging but more notifications for production environments respectively.



Hi! Are there any updates on this issue?
We need to set notification rules for our project -
it could be great if we could also tune notifications for user groups:

  • for example so that the dev team could get notifications on testing/development environment, and the management team could get only pilot/prod environment issues. How we could possibly tune this right now? As it seems that the solution is to use different Sentry projects for this, which is not an ideal situation


You’d have to setup Alert Rules, but you cant decide who gets what alerts. You could direct them to different e.g. Slack channels, but thats it right now.