Email notifications trouble

Hi everyone!
Does anyone can give me a peace of advice. I’ve got some troubles with email notification services. My email config looks like this:
And I don’t really think that there is a problem in config, because I do receive weekly reports and test emails (sent by test button from settings page), and also a confirmation letters while registering a new user.
But I don’t receive any letters on events from any of my projects. I’ve tried to configure mail notifications from site, different ways. And it didn’t help. On user settings alert set to ‘On’. In projects settings alert rule set to notify if “An event is seen” or “An issue is first seen”, actions are set to send message via mail and via Telegram (neither work).
So, I will be very grateful for any suggestions. Thanks!

Sounds like your post-process-forwarder service is not running. Make sure you have this patch in your local on-premise repo:

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@LazukinPavel - can you let us know if this solved your issue?

Yeah, sure, I will let you know. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!

Sentry updated and works just as it should!

You doing a great job, thank you again

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