Enable performance monitoring sentry-ruby

I’m trying to enbale performance monitoring in the web app.
I have a rails app using the sentry-ruby gem. My config file looks like this:

 Sentry.init do |config|
   config.dsn = 'my dsn'
   config.breadcrumbs_logger = [:sentry_logger, :active_support_logger]
   config.async = lambda { |event| SentryWorker.perform_async(event) }
   config.traces_sample_rate = 1

class SentryWorker
  include Sidekiq::Worker
  def perform(event)

I’m able to send error events, but when i open the performance monitoring tab, I see “Start setup” button, which just leads to a get started page with sdks.
What step am I missing? Or how can i figure out if sentry is sending transaction data? Appreciate any hep here!

Hey @NachE9090, what version of sentry-ruby are you using? The way you’ve set up traces_sample_rate is correct and should be sending transactions.

Hi @silent1mezzo
Thanks a lot for the reply here! I’m using sentry-ruby (4.0.1).

I upgraded to sentry-ruby (4.1.3) and still no metrics