Error: An error occurs when I integrate my custom plugin


I am writing my custom plugin for notification.
The plugin inherits CorePluginMixin, NotifyPlugin clases.
Anyway I set it to my onpremise Sentry and my plugin is shown in the plugin list(Admin > Packages > Extensions).
Then, I created new project and enable my plugin and generate lots of events to test to receive notifications.
But no notification was sent and I found below error in Internal project.
It seems like that my plugin is not registered well but I can find my plugin in plugin list(Admin > Packages > Extensions).

KeyError sentry.tasks.post_process.post_process_group
KeyError: u’my_plugin’

sentry/plugins/base/ in get at line 62
def get(self, slug):
for plugin in self.all(version=None):
if plugin.slug == slug:
return plugin
raise KeyError(slug)

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

I fixed this error by myself.
The code used in web and worker is different.