Error: Minified exception occurred. No error code. React 15.3.1


My production build Sentry code recently bubbled up an error that does not have an error code. The complete error is:

Error: Minified exception occurred; use the non-minified dev environment for the full error message and additional helpful warnings.
  at r (/201612301800/1590d6ed860a0022cce8.js:1:9729)
  at Object.get (/201612301800/fe0e257a503b399761e1.js:4:1638)
  at None (/201612301800/fe0e257a503b399761e1.js:8:15239)
  at J.blockRenderer (/201612301800/fe0e257a503b399761e1.js:8:16346)
  at t.render (/201612301800/fe0e257a503b399761e1.js:11:21903)
(45 additional frame(s) were not displayed)

And although all errors have included error codes, this one does not. I am using React 15.3.1 so I should be able to see an error code of some sort as per this blog post.

You can see the sentry screenshot here:

According to this error codes link I should be able to have an error code… Is there any information that you can provide to help me determine how to determine the full message?

Thank you!

Hi. It sounds like that for whatever reason React did not provide an error code for this. This is what messages used to look like for other react versions. Is there any chance that this might be coming from an older react build?

@mitsuhiko It is not another version of React as I have other similar errors in Sentry that do include the error code. My package.json also is set to 15.3.1, not even ^15.3.1 so I’m confident with my versioning. Has anyone experienced a React error without an error code in minified code post 15.2.#?

This is the code in react that generates the errors:

So that should always have a number in

@mitsuhiko This is great, thank you. In digging through the un-minified version of the project and I was able to find a performance error. I cannot say with certainty that the errors are related but they appear on the same pages as the one that Sentry is referencing. Maybe this type of bug hasn’t been handled by React quite yet. Anyway, thank you very much for your guidance on this issue.