Errors from before sourcemaps were uploaded

Due to a Fastlane bug our main.jsbundle file and the sourcemap were uploaded under the wrong release name on Sentry. I manually uploaded the files to the correct release after noticing the bad release name. We have several errors that were reported before the file and sourcemap were added under the correct release. These errors are not using the sourcemap that was uploaded to show us a stack trace that corresponds to our code (here’s an example:

Will these stack traces later be fixed because the bundle file and sourcemap were uploaded to the right release? Am I correct in assuming that future events that occur on this release will show the correct stack trace?

Looks like the new issues for that release have a stack trace showing, but it’s wrong:

It’s the same issue I mentioned here: Stack traces are inconsistent and sometimes wrong

We are using the new RN Sentry beta (version 1.0.0-beta.6).