Sentry references local filepath

I’m trying to figure out why sourcemaps aren’t being applied and in the process I noticed 2 oddities when assessing the issue json file.

  1. In the json issue file, the ‘stacktrace’ key references my local filesystem for some reason:
    "abs_path": "",
    "filename": "/Users/username/Documents/Projects/app-user/node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js",
    "module": "Users/username/Documents/Projects/app-user/node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone",

The urls are correct in the raw stacktrace (abs_path: "").

  1. In the stacktrace, the sourcemaps path lists my site even though the maps are uploaded to sentry and not hosted:
    data: {sourcemap: ""}

I’m uploading the sourcemaps using the cli and not passing a url-prefix flag, but the output of the upload command seems to identify the files and their respective sourcemaps just fine. Is any of this normal, and could any of it be causing my sourcemaps not to be applied?

Anyone? Am I doing something wrong, I’ve never received a response on this forum

Hi Nikola,

Often these kind of issues are so environment specific that it’s better to use email support, and debug it with them (most importantly linking the concrete events that are broken so we can have a look ourselves)

Thanks @untitaker - I’ve contacted support and solved the issue.