Error message not sent on Angular 1

Tried to use it with angular, the error is logged.But it doesn’t sent tot the sentry dashboad. What did i do wrong here?

You’ll need to give more information about your configuration. You can also check the network console to see if any request to Sentry is made at all.

I found out that, when angular is throwing error with longer than 100 symbols message it’s not being sent to sentry. For me setting maxMessageLength: 100 in Raven config helped.

Sorry, i found that’s because my own error in using sentry. It’s all working perfectly now! Thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t see the events my project is sending on the dashboard. I see some entries on the network tab on the developer tools with raven.js as the initiator but nothing on the dashboard.

I’ve added the following lines on my index.html

<script src="bower_components/raven-js/dist/raven.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/raven-js/dist/plugins/angular.js"></script>

And these before the end of the body tag:

    .config('https://<an identifier provided by the website><an identifier provided by the website>')

I’ve also added ngRaven as a dependency for my Angular module.

Any clue?