Event submission rejected by CSRF


I’m running Sentry On-Premise 20.7.1 on Google Cloud Kubernetes. I can access the UI and everything seems OK, except for when I send a error via the Go Client, then the request is rejected by the web module:

05:22:56 [WARNING] django.security.csrf: Forbidden (Referer checking failed - no Referer.): /api/3/store/ (status_code=403 request=<WSGIRequest: POST u’/api/3/store/’>

My install started as a fresh 20.7.0 install and I sent a couple of test events, so I know that parts has worked. I upgraded to 20.7.1 and then I started to notice these issues.

The Google Cloud Load Balancer is taking care of TLS termination.

Any suggestions on what might be the issue?

Since 20.7.0, we require Relay to be running as it is now the only point for ingesting events. You’d need to add this to your mix. See our nginx file for a sample configuration:

Got it working with Relay! Thanks for pointing that out!

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