Events API cursor question

Hello – I’m using the on-premise events API to pull events in order to do some additional in-depth analysis on errors. It appears from the issues API that the first component of the cursor is a date stamp, and it functions as such. This does not appear to be the case with the cursor parameter on the events API. No matter what properly formatted date stamp I supply I always get the same response back, that being the cursor for the first 100 events. The previous and next link values reflect this, as in this real example:

LINK header returned: Link <>; rel=“previous”; results=“false”; cursor=“0:0:1”, <>; rel=“next”; results=“true”; cursor=“0:100:0”

I have tried all manner of permutations of the cursor, to no avail. So, it doesn’t grok dates the way the issues API does? Is that a known issue, or am I misrepresenting the cursor? Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

This is a very interesting tool! I hope to see it continue to grow. Thank you.