List a Project's Events API

Hey there, sorry if this not the correct category to post this question.

I’m trying to use the List a Project’s Events API endpoint ( List a Project's Events | Sentry Documentation )

But I’m having a hard time using it for a few reasons.

The first one is that there is not filtering available. I would like to fetch events between 2 timestamp. For example, we would have a job that fetches everyday the events for the previous day.

Also I’m not sure what is the current ordering of events returned by this API : are they ordered by date (when the event happens) or when they are received by Sentry (for example the event happened yesterday, but the user was offline so Sentry received the event today) ?

If I want to fetch events from a past date, I would need to call the API X times before having events for the date I want.

Another thing is that the API returns results 100 by 100. I believe it could improve a bit loading times if we could fetch 1000 by 1000 (10 times less API calls).

Also, because of how the pagination works, we fetch the first 100 events, and then the next 100. But there are high chances that in the meantime a new event has been registered, so the first event of the second call is often the last one of the first call…

Thanks for reading, and let me know if there are any solutions for this