React Native - native crash reporting

In a react native app using sentry, when a bug happens in javascript that crashes the app, sentry works perfectly. Furthermore, I sometimes see native ios & android errors in my Sentry reports, which leads me to believe that Sentry does report native crashes. This leads me to believe that my setup is correct.

However, when I explicitly try to test that native crashes are being reported by Sentry, Sentry doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly. For example, on a particular screen in my app that uses a particular native module, I’ll throw a native error in objective c, something like: [NSException raise:@"Invalid foo value" format:@"foo of %s is invalid", "foo"];. On the android side in the same module, i’ll throw a runtime error: throw new RuntimeException("Test native bug android");.

Both ios and android errors are not being reported to Sentry. Is there some additional configuration that is needed to report native crashes?

I know I didn’t give any tangible code examples in this post, so hopefully this description isn’t too vague.

If the debugger is attached, at least on iOS we do not send any crash reports.
Also when the app crashes we send it after the next app start which can take up to a minute or so after the app started.
But in general, if you have a release build Sentry should pick these errors up and send them.